Why Should I Invite My Customers?


Heartbeat’s tools are designed for you to be able to learn more about your users and acquire new ones. Whether it’s your Shopify customer list, your Mailchimp email list, or just a .csv of people you know love your brand, here are a few reasons it makes sense to invite your current list of users.

Remember, when you upload your list, your users will be sent an email inviting them to join your Platform. They are not automatically added, because we want it to be their choice to join your Platform. Keep in mind it will take a few days to start seeing your Platform grow as members start to opt in. We’re also concerned about privacy, so we’ll never use your or our Ambassadors’ data without permission.

Better understand your users’ demographics

With Heartbeat’s tools, you’ll be able to segment your list by age, location, purchase behavior, interests, and more. Our Ambassadors are constantly answering survey questions, so we have lots of information on them that they are happy to provide. Our survey tools allow you to ask questions directly to your user base, and create groups you can use for other marketing initiatives. For instance, you might be able to see who purchased your products on Shopify, but with Heartbeat, you can also see what their favorite product colors are, or that customers on the east coast buy more than customers on the west coast.

Run campaigns with people from your Platform

Our Campaign Builder tool allows you to run influencer-style campaigns using your own customers. When you upload your list and start a campaign, the system will send users who meet your targeting criteria an offer to participate in the campaign. This is a great way to market your brand using people you know authentically love it, or even run a campaign featuring people who already have your products in-hand (no shipping needed!). It’s also a great way to build brand loyalty, as Ambassadors who are invited to participate feel excited that the brand has selected them.

Run campaigns with people from Heartbeat’s Platform

Once you’ve uploaded your list and hit 300 community members, a new feature unlocks. You’re now able to build campaigns and offer them to Heartbeat’s broader community of over 200,000 users. Yes, that means you can acquire new customers and market to people who are not yet in your own user lists! You can run bigger campaigns, with up to 1,000 Ambassadors (please contact us for campaigns with 1,000-30,000 Ambassadors), and get your company logo and messaging in front of thousands of targeted potential buyers.

Get new Platform members and acquire new customers

Building your Platform means that more people are exposed to your brand’s messaging, and you have an even bigger set of data points to work with. Once you have uploaded your list, they will be invited to join your Platform, and they can opt to participate in surveys, offers, and more.

Engage with people who love your brand

Best of all, when you upload your list, you have a new way to interact directly with your die-hard fans. Ever wonder what product you should be rolling out next? Ask them. Ever wonder what they love most about your business? Ask them. Need a testimonial or a product review? Ask them. You have customer support, but Heartbeat is the place where you can interact with your customers in a POSITIVE way. You get the insights you need in a scalable way, and your Platform members feel appreciated and listened to.