What Hashtags Should I Use?


Our recommended hashtag is #hbtsp (which stands for “Heartbeat Sponsored”) and your campaign tracking hashtag (#hbtcampaign). If your brand has specific or legally required hashtags, we are more than happy to implement those into your campaign as well. We recommend using no more than three additional hashtags. We’ve found that after five hashtags, the caption can come off as disingenuous and overwhelming to followers and friends.

Need some help choosing your other hashtags? Here are some of our go-to’s!

  • Your brand name (#heartbeat)

  • Brand tagline (#justdoit)

  • Campaign tagline (#lovemyheartbeatshoes)

  • Brand category (#cupcakes, #finejewlery)

  • Related current event/season (#backtoschool, #stockingstuffers)

  • Target audience classifications (#petlovers, #beautygurus)

Still stuck? Search the hashtag you have in mind on Instagram to see how many posts it’s been included in. Generally, the more posts it’s tied to, the more likely users will search for and follow that hashtag.