What Can You Track?

At Heartbeat, we’ve based our business around helping yours. We’re a tech company, so we’re focused on delivering results and providing clear analytics, so your campaigns can get better over time.

Potential Reach

See how many people your campaign reaches. We measure potential reach by calculating the follower counts of all of the ambassadors in your campaign, so you can get a sense of how far your spend goes, and even see a CPM.

With Heartbeat Pro, we GUARANTEE a minimum potential reach number for all campaigns.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is a great metrics for measuring the overall success of a campaign, so we make it easy to track. Log into your dashboard to see engagement rate in real-time. We measure engagement rate as likes, comments, or link clicks, divided by the total reach number.

With Heartbeat Pro, we GUARANTEE a minimum engagement rate for all campaigns. No one else in the industry can guarantee rates as high as we can, because we work with people with authentic followers and real interest.

Comments, Likes, and Captions

In your dashboard, you’ll be able to see top comments and captions, and you can always see how many likes you get! You’ll also be able to favorite ambassadors with captions you love.

Click-Through Rate

Each of our ambassadors has a unique link in his or her bio, called the Pulse link. This link remains the same for the ambassadors, and automatically redirects to your site, so the ambassador does not have to worry updating links. We also find this helps ambassadors keep their links up longer!

You can track click-through rate (CTR) in your dashboard, but remember, a lot of traffic generated by your Heartbeat campaign does NOT go through the link in bio. This is true of Heartbeat and all influencer campaigns. Remember to look at your site analytics to see spikes in traffic to get a better picture, as many people who see the posts will Google your brand or just type your url in directly, rather than the hassle of going to click the link in an ambassadors bio.

Promo Code Redemptions

Promo codes are a great way to see if your campaign delivers sales directly. Ambassadors will simply include the promo code in their caption, and you can track the results on your end. Please note that some campaigns show immediate sales better than others, depending on vertical and price point, and if you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for on your own, you should speak with a member of our Heartbeat Pro team to hear what our team of experts can do to help.

For Heartbeat DIY Campaign Builder, you may only use one promo code for your whole campaign. With Heartbeat Pro, you can use unique promo codes if you’d like to track the success of each individual ambassador and get more insights from our team on what type of ambassadors work best for your brand.


We love working with brands to see who is converting, whether you’re looking for sign ups or sales. While Heartbeat does not guarantee specific sales conversion numbers, like Facebook or Instagram ads, you might want to optimize around what types of ambassadors perform the best for you. If you connect your Shopify list, we’re able to see which ambassadors are actually buying, so you can start to see your campaigns working and brand loyalty building over time. Cool, right?

We’re always working to roll out new tracking integrations, so be on the lookout for Google Analytics and other sales tracking tools soon. Email brian@getheartbeat.co if you have one in mind.

Intent to Purchase

With Heartbeat Pro, you can get purchase intent before and after campaigns. Your dedicated account team will run surveys on ambassadors who participated in the campaign to get a sense of whether they are likely future buyers after interacting with your campaign. Our aim is to introduce you to ambassador who will be great brand loyalists, so you work with people who are customers, not just influencers. With Pro, you can also run Purchase Intent surveys on the broader ambassador community, so you can see the effect of your campaign right away.

Net Promoter Score and Ambassador Sentiment

With Heartbeat Pro, your account team will also be able to get feedback, asking them how likely they are to refer your brand or product to a friend. We also have a sentiment analysis tool, so you can see the sentiment from all comments.

If you’re not sure if we track what you need, please reach out. We’d be happy to walk you through more details about running a campaign and tracking its success.