Should you use a generic promo code for the whole campaign or individual promo codes for each Ambassador?


Should you create a single, blanket promo code to have the Ambassadors include in their captions or assign a unique promo code to every Ambassador? It’s a vital decision when strategizing for your campaign but not always the easiest one. Here, we’ll break down the perks of each and recommend which to use in order to achieve different marketing objectives.

Blanket Promo Code:


A single, blanket promo code, such as Heartbeat20, is much easier to remember than something like HBQq5w6. And let’s face it, most people will wait until they’re home from work or by their computer to cash in on that promo code. The simpler the promo code, the more likely they are to remember to make their purchase when the time comes.

Easier to make and spread

A blanket promo code can be quickly made and easily shared across several platforms. Share it with your Ambassadors, on your Heartbeat Brand Page, and even across your own social media.

What it’s good for

  • General brand awareness and catching the attention of first-time customers

  • A campaign with several hundred/thousand Ambassadors

Unique promo codes:


Assigning each Ambassador their own unique promo code gives you the ability to track who’s driving the most conversions for your product or service. This information allows you to optimize around the top-performing Ambassadors for your next campaign and reveal the audience that your brand truly resonates with.

More likely to share

An Ambassador with a unique promo code is more likely to push its use for two reasons. One, a unique promo code makes them feel special - like a little badge of honor for working with a brand as awesome as yours! Two, the Ambassador knows that their personal promo code redemptions are being tracked, so they’re going to do their best to get their friends and followers to use it. If you incentivize the Ambassadors based on promo code redemptions, this effect amplifies.

What it’s good for

  • Developing brand loyalists and advocates

  • A smaller campaign with around 300 Ambassadors or less