User-Generated Content or Repost? Which Should You Choose?


When selecting between user-generated content (UGC) or reposted content, this is dependent on what your marketing objective is for your campaign. Both are extremely effective and outlined by the scenarios for each below.

Looking for speed? Select Repost!

You can get hundreds of Instagram posts in a matter of hours by having Ambassadors repost content you provide them. The only work they have to do is simply download the file and write the caption. When providing Ambassadors repost content, it’s beneficial to provide high quality content and various images/videos for them to choose from. Many Ambassadors are careful about what they post on their account so having high quality and aesthetically pleasing content will get Ambassadors excited to post. Our Ambassadors are very diverse so providing a wide selection of assets allows them to pick the option that best fits their Instagram page aesthetic.

Looking for quality and unique posts? Select UGC!

We are constantly blown away by how creative our Ambassadors are! Simply put, Heartbeat Ambassadors and camera phones have cut out the need for photographers and studio lighting. Each post is carefully crafted and curated to fit your brand’s image and marketing objective. Simply send your Ambassadors your campaign instructions card/email and watch the posts come in. Our Ambassadors take pride in their accounts so they may take a bit longer to submit posts. This can be because they are waiting for a sunny day to take a photo outside, or if you’re shipping products they need to wait for the product to arrive and set up for the post. If you have a specific direction in mind, make sure include that in your instructions. However, keep in mind that making instructions too specific can also slow down your campaign. On the other hand, if you’re looking to leverage your Ambassadors creativity you can give them minimal direction while providing simple “Do’s and Don'ts” to make sure their posts meet your brand guidelines.