How to Optimize Your Campaign For Sign-Ups


Before Your Campaign:

  • Select Ambassadors that have larger followings in order to ensure higher reach and more sign-ups.

  • Create an exclusive promo code that will only be sent to those who sign up and have your Ambassadors advertise this offer in their caption.

During Your Campaign:

  • Interact with the Ambassadors’ posts! Likes and friendly comments boost an Ambassador and their followers’ sentiment towards your brand.

  • Create a post on your Heartbeat brand page advertising that anyone who signs up will receive an exclusive promo code or offer.

  • Send an email with the sign-up exclusive promo code to all of your Platform members.

After Your Campaign:

  • See which Ambassador brought in the most bio-link clicks. Focus on these top-performers, as well as look-alike members, for your next campaign.

  • Send a Heartbeat-specific welcome email to the new customers that signed up and/or redeemed the promo code and invite them to join your brand page on Heartbeat.