Pro vs DIY: Which Should I Choose?

Why Choose Heartbeat Pro

We’ve spent years perfecting the art of activating consumers to post for brands, and now we’re sharing those secrets with you. Heartbeat offers two great options for running user-generated content campaigns, so if you’re wondering which is right for you, you can read more about the benefits of each.


You can use our Do-It-Yourself platform to run campaigns on your own, similar to how you might run Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns, but instead of creating ads, you’ll be using our Campaign Builder tool to inspire real people to create posts for you!


  • Start your campaign anytime, anywhere

  • Keep your costs down with a lower price per post

  • Work with your own community or target members of the Heartbeat community

  • Use our auto-sort technology to identify the best ambassadors

Heartbeat Pro

Pro is our full-service offering, and many of the larger companies we work with choose to use Heartbeat Pro for their campaigns. We handle absolutely everything, so you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty of managing ambassadors. Plus, our team of experts have run hundreds of campaigns, so we know exactly what to do to help you achieve your marketing goals and make sure you’re winning from day one. Heartbeat Pro campaigns start at $15,000.


  • Guaranteed Reach: We guarantee an average of 2000 followers for each ambassador who posts. That means some might have 500 followers, and some might have 5000, but we’ll guarantee your campaign is seen by a lot of people.

  • Guaranteed Engagement Rates: With Pro, you get a minimum guaranteed engagement rate. Of course, we’ll try to beat it, but you can rest assured that you get a minimum 2, 4, or 5% engagement.

  • Guaranteed Number of Posts: You’ll know exactly how many posts you’ll get, and we’ll make sure we hit that number, no matter what.

  • Dedicated Account Team: You’ll get a dedicated Brand Partnerships specialist, who can help you craft an incredible campaign, a Customer Success Manager, who will be your day-to-day point person, and your Campaign Strategist, who handles all ambassador communications and is dedicated to helping you hit the metrics you’re looking for.

  • Product Shipping: If you’re looking to ship products to ambassadors, we recommend you work with our Pro team. They can handle everything from tracking numbers to troubleshooting with ambassadors when a package gets lost in the mail. There’s a lot to know about running a product campaign, so work with people who’ve done it a million times.

  • Ambassador Customer Support: When you run a campaign, you’ll get lots and lots of questions from Ambassadors. Let our team handle them for you. We call, email, and text with our ambassadors.

  • Bigger Campaigns: You may only run campaigns up to 300 posts with our DIY tool. Pro campaigns can go up to 30,000 posts, so you can get your message out there.

  • Faster campaign completion and predictable timelines: Our Pro technology ensures your campaign gets sent to the right people, right away, so campaigns finish and you see results faster.

  • Better targeting: We have even more data than what you see on your dashboard, and we use it to help our Pro campaigns succeed. Get your campaign in front of your ideal target audience, so your campaign is that much more powerful.

Expert advice: Don’t know where to start? Let us handle everything. Our team can help with creative strategy, campaign ideas, and so much more. We love what we do, so let us share our passion and take care of your campaign.