Performance Page

Once your campaign is live, it’s time to see how it’s doing! To view how your campaign is performing in real time, click the name of your campaign on the menu to the left of your screen and select Performance directly below.

At the top of the screen, you can view, total posts, total reach, engagement, bio link clicks and budget used. You also have the ability to add budget to your campaign at any point by selecting + Add Budget on the top left.

You can view your campaign tracker on the top right and also have the option to duplicate the campaign by selecting the double box icon on the top right of the campaign tracker.

Top posts: we want you to see what the top posts for your campaign look like by displaying the post with the number of likes, comments and engagement.

Total posts chart: this shows the number of posts completed over the campaign’s dates.

Location: the map indicates what areas of the US your ambassadors are posting from with the total for each area. As you continue to run campaigns with Heartbeat, this will give you a great understanding of where your consumers and those interested in your company live.

Captions: this section highlights all of the captions used on posts for your campaign. It’s a great way for you to view what people are saying about your brand.

Ambassadors: this is where you can view all ambassadors participating in your campaign. By selecting View All on the top right of the Ambassadors section, you can see the handle, amount of posts, engagement and reach for each person.

Performance Page.png