How to Optimize Your Campaign for a Movie/Show Promotion


Before Your Campaign:

  • Plan out your campaign 3-4 weeks in advance so that you can create buzz in the weeks leading up to the premiere or release.

  • Segment a broad audience based on your target demographic. These Ambassadors will likely have followers with similar demographics.

  • Set up a survey question for Ambassadors to fill out when they apply for the campaign.

    • Ask questions such as “Are you a fan of X show?” to discover Ambassadors that are genuinely interested in the show and can create authentic endorsements. This works for the show you are promoting or similar shows in the genre.

    • You can also use surveys to discover people that have not seen the show but are interested and convert these people into viewers.

During Your Campaign:

  • Repost the Ambassadors’ content to use as promotion on your own social channels.

  • Post a countdown to the release or premiere on your Brand Page.

After Your Campaign:

  • Engage the top-performing Ambassadors and create lookalike audiences for future campaigns.