Members Page

On the menu on the left hand side of your screen, select Members. Your Members page houses all the members of your brand page and segments from your surveys.

Members: you can view active or pending members of your brand page as well as the source of which they were added or uploaded. You can also copy any member to a specific segment or remove them from your list as well.

Members include:

  • People who follow you on their own by discovering you from the Explore section of the Heartbeat app.

  • People you invite through Shopify sync, MailChimp sync or via email invitation.

  • Any Heartbeat ambassador who applies for one of your campaigns.

Segments: here you can view all segments created from your surveys. Segments are a great tool when creating new campaigns for your brand. Example: Vibe Headphones is looking to run a campaign with all the survey respondents who replied yes to being a musician. By selecting that specific segments, you can then email those people. Earlier on, when the segment were created, our technology filtered it so it only includes the highest quality accounts. You can also create a new segmented list from our ambassador community based on gender, city, etc.

Sync List: by selecting this button on the top right, you have the ability to upload as many members lists as you want via Shopify, MailChimp or a CSV file.

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