How to Optimize Your Campaign for Driving People to a Local Event


Before Your Campaign:

  • Create a segment of Ambassadors that are located within a reasonable distance of the event (25-50 miles). These people are the most likely to have followers located in the same area.

  • Make sure that posts are going live at least 1 week prior to the event, to ensure people can plan for it.

  • Create a promo code for the event that the Ambassadors can share with their followers for a discount on tickets.

  • Provide example posts and describe the content you would like to see to promote the event. You can also provide promotional materials that they can repost.

During Your Campaign:

  • Post an announcement about the event on your Brand Page.

  • Incentivize Ambassadors by offering a bonus for the person that drives the most ticket sales (i.e. bonus payment or free tickets).

After Your Campaign:

  • Engage these Ambassadors again for other events in the area.

  • Use their content to promote the next event!