Should I Do a Local Campaign or a National Campaign?


In the Audience section, you’ll identify what types of ambassadors you want to participate. You may select a Group you’ve created from within your Platform (Buyers, Loyalists, Teens, Moms, etc)., or you can select based on demographics and location. We HIGHLY recommend starting with a broad location, as you’ll find better Ambassadors and thus better content overall. Think about it this way – if you offer a campaign to only people in Rhode Island, your sample size will be way smaller than if you offer it nationwide, so you’ll have fewer great ambassadors to choose from. Localized campaigns will get easier as our team of Ambassadors grows. When choosing between a local and a national campaign, consider the following:

  • Availability of the product or service

  • Whether the goal of the campaign is specific to a certain region

  • Which locations you can or cannot ship products

  • The demographic of your audience

  • And other marketing objectives that may apply!

Heads up! Narrowing down your location could result in fewer ambassadors available for your campaign. But, we can target all the ambassadors that meet your criteria through audience segmentation!