Images or Video? Which Should You Choose?


Deciding whether to have your campaign’s Ambassadors post an image or a video? We can help! While videos are great for explaining a process or concept, such as a beauty or how-to tutorial, there’s no guarantee that follower eyes will see your product or service. This may be because the product was featured in the middle of the video and the user kept swiping before catching a glimpse of it or maybe their sound wasn’t turned on and they never caught exactly what the product was about.

In addition, providing instructions to the Ambassadors for their video also requires much more thought and detail. What do you want them to say? How long do you want the video to be? What do you want the lighting and background to look like? The more complicated and demanding the instructions, the more likely Ambassadors will veer off-track and deliver undesirable content.

For the best overall engagement, content, and campaign results, we recommend saving videos for Stories and having Ambassadors post images on their static Instagram feed. Stories allow Ambassadors to create the video content you’re looking for without the demands of studio-quality script, lighting, and sound that’s often found on a feed.