How Does a Campaign Work? (Pro + DIY)

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with Heartbeat. If you’re wondering how a campaign works, you’re in the right place. Take a gander at the steps below, and you’ll be a campaign expert in no time.

Up first? Decide whether you’ll run a Do-It-Yourself Campaign with the builder on your dashboard, or a Pro Campaign, where our team of campaign professionals will do the work for you. With Pro, our team will handle the details, from creative development for campaign materials and ambassador emails, to mid-campaign optimizations, to choosing the best ambassadors to fit your goal. And remember, you can always upgrade to a Pro account when you want our team to take the reins.

How A Campaign Works: Pro

With Heartbeat Pro, you’ll work with a member of our Brand Partnerships team to craft a campaign that suits your company’s specific needs. After aligning on campaign direction, your BP team member will send you a contract for your review and approval.

Asset Collection

Once you’ve approved your contract, your Brand Partnerships team member will send you an email requesting certain assets like logos and imagery, and you’ll complete that form. Our team will set up a kickoff call, and we ask that you provide all assets in advance of the call so we can set up and review your campaign together during the meeting.

Kickoff Call

We recommend that you invite any team members who will touch the campaign, even if they are not the day-to-day contact, to the call, so your full team is aligned on goals and success metrics. During the call, we’ll address the following:

-       Creative idea and email design

-       Campaign launch and end dates

-       Ambassador targeting criteria

-       Hashtags and talking points to be included in ambassador caption

-       Anything we should tell the ambassadors NOT to say or post about

-       Any regulatory hashtags you’d like us to include (we typically use #hbtsp for Heartbeat sponsored posts)

-       Ambassador bio links, and where those will direct (typically your website or a landing page for this campaign)

-       Success metrics, tracking setup, and how you’ll evaluate how Heartbeat has performed

After the kickoff call, our team will provide a call summary with any details on which the team has aligned.

Creative Development

Our internal design team will use the information you have provided to create creative elements for the campaign, as follows:

-       Ambassador Application Email: This email goes out to the full set of ambassadors announcing the campaign, and asking interested ambassadors to opt in. This email will only go to ambassadors we identified as pre-qualified, meaning they meet your targeting criteria and are highly rated in our system as great content creators. Think of this as an email blast to our network of 200,000 users, all included in your contract.

-       Ambassador Instructions Email: This email goes out only to ambassadors who are approved to participate in the campaign. It includes detailed instructions for the ambassador, informing them about what hashtags to use, caption talking points, what not to talk about, how to position the product featured in their post, and more. We’re expects at knowing what language helps ambassadors understand your creative goal, so trust your Campaign Strategist’s recommendations here.

You will have the opportunity to provide feedback and approve all campaign creative elements. We ask that you provide consolidated team feedback where possible to ensure rapid campaign delivery.

Ambassador Opt-In Period

Once the Application email is sent out, we allow 3 days for ambassadors to opt in. This allows us to gather a large number of ambassadors, and pick from the top applicants, rather than just offering the campaign to whomever opts in first, and is one of the ways we ensure overall content quality.

Ambassador Selection

Selection is handled by our technology and our team. As a Pro customer, our Pro algorithm will identify ambassadors based on your goals and KPIs. After our technology works its magic, your dedicated Campaign Strategist is tasked with ensuring the selected ambassadors are best for your brand. Trust in your dedicated Strategist to select the right ambassadors, and remember that we work at scale. Our team is trained thoroughly to sort through thousands of ambassadors, and focus on both brand safety as well as performance potential, so you can rest assured in our process, and leave the hassle and headache of ambassador selection to us.

Instructions, Shipping, and Posting

Selected ambassadors will receive your approved Instructions email, and once received, posts will begin. If your campaign involves shipping products to ambassadors to feature in their posts, you have two options for facilitating that process:

a)     Heartbeat will provide you with a list of selected ambassador names and addresses, and you can send products to those ambassadors. Note that Heartbeat REQUIRES that you provide tracking numbers if you are shipping product so that we can stay on top of any product shipping issues and resolve ambassador issues.

b)    Work with Heartbeat’s shipping and fulfillment center and send a pallet or boxes of products to one location. We’ll handle the rest, and ensure your packages get in the right hands. This option is around $15 additional per post, so be sure to speak with your Brand Partnerships representative if you’d like us to do the work for you.

In both scenarios, we advise shipping at least 20% more products than you need. We find that up to 20% of products may be lost in the mail or are unsuccessfully delivered. To mitigate this, we re-confirm ambassador addresses before sending, but things still come up! If all packages are received, you’ll never be charged for those additional posts, so think about those as free bonuses posts!

Results and Analytics

You’ll be able to watch your posts go live in real time in the Heartbeat dashboard. Be sure to log in regularly to favorite great ambassadors, check your engagement rate, and see your total campaign reach.

Do Another Campaign!

Our goal is to make our clients happy, so hopefully, the next step is another campaign. After your campaign ends, we’ll present you with a Wrap Report, where we’ll outline personalized recommendations and strategies for your next campaigns. The longer you work with Heartbeat, the stronger our relationship will be, so we thank you for your business!

How a Campaign Works: Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

In October 2018, Heartbeat launched its Do-It-Yourself Campaign Builder. We’re excited to offer our basic campaign tools to a broader set of companies and offer a platform-building tool to help your user base grow. Below are the steps to setting up and tracking your first DIY campaign.

Set Up Your Brand Page

Before you begin a campaign, make sure your brand page is complete. This page will be community members’ first interaction with your brand, so upload a logo and cover and add some information so they know more about you. Make sure you’ve uploaded your list of users, whether it’s Mailchimp, or Shopify, or just a .csv file, uploading your list will allow you to run campaigns using people who already love and buy from your brand, and can help us identify similar ambassadors in our network who might be great at promoting your brand.

Start the Campaign Builder

-       From your Platform dashboard, click “Add New Campaign” on the left-hand navigation.

-       Name your campaign - this is internal to you, not visible to ambassadors.

-       Select your marketing objective. Yes, you may only select ONE! If you can achieve one goal, what would it be? Think about how you’ll evaluate the success of your campaign: Reach? Engagement rate? If you’re focusing on sales or app installs in particular, we recommend that you speak with our Brand Partnerships team so we can help tailor a campaign for that goal, but you may also set it up yourself.

-       Select the type of post you’d prefer. Basic posts may be user-generated content, and you can get creative about it! Re-posts are ambassadors sharing pre-selected content you’ve provided for them, like a trailer or product shots you have taken. If you’re looking to send product to ambassadors, please reach out to a member of our Brand Partnerships team, as this functionality is not currently supported with our DIY tool.

Select Your Audience

In the Audience section, you’ll identify what types of ambassadors you want to participate. You may select a Group you’ve created from within your Platform (Buyers, Loyalists, Teens, Moms, etc)., or you can select based on demographics and location. We HIGHLY recommend starting with a broad location, as you’ll find better ambassadors and thus better content overall. Think about it this way – if you offer a campaign to only people in Rhode Island, your sample size will be way smaller than if you offer it nationwide, so you’ll have fewer great ambassadors to choose from. Localized campaigns will get easier as our team of ambassadors grows.

Decide What’s Best For Your Budget

In the Budget section, you can enter your budget and uses our Campaign Performance Strength tool to see how to get the best bang for your buck.

For follower count, our data show that the optimal follower count range for performance is 500-5000 followers. The larger the follower count, the lower the engagement. It’s that simple. Think about it this way – if you have more than 5,000 followers, you probably don’t know them all in real life, so your recommendation means less. You trust your best friends’ opinions the most, which is why word-of-mouth marketing works.

You’ll notice that you can’t have it all – if you want top quality content, and high follower count, you’ll have fewer people posting. We recommend optimizing for high engagement, as we see this metric best correlates with achieving your marketing goals. Trust us, with fake followers and influencers trying to get as much money as they can, higher follower counts don’t perform better!

In this section, you may also decide to add on Instagram Stories. This means ambassadors will add a Story in addition to their post, increasing your engagement and reach overall. Many brands like to add Stories since they are becoming more and more popular, and can be really effective at increasing engagement!

Wait for Approval

Once you’ve submitted your draft campaign for approval, you’ll receive approval within 24 hours. If our team recommends any adjustments, we’ll let you know, so you can feel good about what you’re sending out to ambassadors. Feel free to reach out to with any questions at all!

Watch Posts Go Live

Check you dashboard to see your results and watch posts go live.