How We Guarantee Reach, Engagement, or Number of Posts (Pro)


With Heartbeat Pro, Heartbeat guarantees reach, engagements and total number of posts in each campaign. Our campaigns are scalable depending on your budget. Packages with a high number of total posts will deliver higher reach and more engagements.

Potential Reach

See how many people your campaign reaches. We measure potential reach by calculating the follower counts of all of the ambassadors in your campaign, so you can get a sense of how far your spend goes, and even see a CPM.

With Heartbeat Pro, we GUARANTEE a minimum potential reach number for all campaigns.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is a great metrics for measuring the overall success of a campaign, so we make it easy to track. Log into your dashboard to see engagement rate in real-time. We measure engagement rate as likes, comments, or link clicks, divided by the total reach number.

With Heartbeat Pro, we GUARANTEE a minimum engagement rate for all campaigns. No one else in the industry can guarantee rates as high as we can, because we work with people with authentic followers and real interest.