How to Grow Your Platform

Your Heartbeat Brand Page is the ultimate tool to acquire new users, learn valuable information about them, drive conversions and drive traffic to your website. The bigger your Platform, the more reach your brand has. Heartbeat’s database of Ambassadors are real people who are eager and excited to work with brands like yours.

Here are some ways to simply and quickly grow your Platform:

Sync your brand list

Synching your brand list is a crucial step when creating your Brand Page. By syncing your email lists, you are inviting your consumers to Heartbeat and also gaining access to hundreds of thousands of new contacts! Sync with Shopify, MailChimp or by CSV file.


Surveys are one of the most effective ways of grabbing quick data on your Platform members. The great part is you can ask whatever you want. Your surveys do not have to be specific to your campaigns. You can utilize them for almost anything to collect valuable feedback for your brand. Get creative by selecting photos and GIFs to add to your survey questions and make sure your questions are clear and concise so the feedback is authentic.

Post to Promote

Posting special deals and promo codes for your products is a great incentive for consumers to want to not only follow your brand page but sign up for your campaigns. Use the posting tool to also promote new products, call out your amazing Ambassadors, share social media posts, and so much more!

Share your Brand Page

Sharing your Brand Page URL on your social media channels and with others, can be a quick way to pull in more followers and Ambassadors. You can also sync your social channels and Instagram feed on your Brand Page to increase your follower count.