How Does Auto-Selection Work? (Self-Serve)


As a Self-Serve user, selecting your Ambassadors using our Auto-selection is recommended.

How Does Auto-Selection Work?

Our technology creates a segment of Ambassadors based on your targeting criteria, such as by location, gender, age, and/or interests. This is the selection of Ambassadors that will have the opportunity to apply to your campaign. Our technology’s algorithm, which we link to our Authenticity Engine, then identifies the top applicants based on engagement, real followers, and past campaign performance. What’s left is a group of Ambassadors perfectly tailored to your brand and campaign objective.

With Heartbeat Pro, we do all the work so you don’t have to. Selection is handled by our technology and our team. As a Pro customer, our algorithm will identify Ambassadors based on your goals and KPIs. After our technology works its magic, your dedicated Campaign Strategist is tasked with ensuring the selected Ambassadors are best for your brand. Our team is trained thoroughly to sort through thousands of Ambassadors, while focusing on both brand safety as well as performance potential, so you can be confident in our process, and leave the hassle and headache of Ambassador selection to us.