How do I Run a Survey?

Ambassadors enjoy filling out surveys on the Heartbeat app and desktop. Not only are they fun and engaging, they help brands collect valuable data on their consumers.

Example: while strategizing over the design of their next product, Vibe Headphones posts a survey to their followers asking them what style of headphones they currently use. 75% percent answer Apple EarPods and 25% say Beats Wireless Headphones. Based on these responses, Vibe Headphones has a better understanding on the type of headphones their consumers are using. This data is something they can take into consideration when designing their product.

Surveys can be created anytime to gather insights on members before, during and after a campaign. Our segmentation tool then consolidates survey responses into groups that allow brands to target their consumers, where needed.

Create Your Survey

On the menu on the left hand side of your screen, click on the red +add new survey button under Surveys.

Step 1.png

Build Your Survey

Select a background, type of questions(s), and a unique name. Then, fill out the questions and responses you would like to include. We suggest using emojis or GIFs to make your surveys more exciting! As you build your survey, you can view it on the survey card model to the right of the screen.

Step 2.png

You can build single surveys or a survey group. To create a survey group, select + New Question at the bottom of the screen to add a question.

Title: choose a short and simple title for your survey. Example: Headphones.

Categories: you can select categories for your survey by clicking on Select categories... under title. Example: Technology.

Background: select the color that will be displayed as the background of your survey card.

Question(s): it’s important questions are short and direct to grab attention and make it easy to answer quickly. The more simplified your question(s) are, the more targeted your results will be. Example: What type of headphones do you use?

Questions can be displayed in two ways:

Multiple Choice (photo below)

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

Picture multiple choice (photo below)

Picture Multiple Choice

Picture Multiple Choice

Multiple answer selection - this allows survey takers to select multiple responses at once. When selecting this, the continue button will show up under the answers on the survey card.

Randomize answer order: the order of questions will randomize for those taking the survey.

Description: you can add a short description of your survey. It will show beneath the answer options. Example: Let us know what style of headphones you use!

Make sure to review the style and grammar on your survey before submitting to optimize results and avoid confusion.

Submit for Review

When your survey is complete, click the Submit for Review on the bottom right of your screen. Our team will approve it within 24 hours within the working week (Monday - Friday on Pacific Standard Time).  

View Results & Create Segments

Once your survey(s) are approved, you can view results and create segments to record or share.

To view results: on the right hand side of your screen under Surveys, click on the name of your survey (example: Music Survey). The responses will be displayed by number and percentage. You also have the option to download results onto a CSV file.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 2.13.11 PM.png

To create a segment: on the right of the percentage bars, click on the three dots. The option to Create a Segment will appear.

Segments allow you to target specific people who answered your survey questions. Example: Vibe Headphones wants to do a campaign using the respondents who said yes to being a musician or singer. Creating a segment for that group will consolidate the ambassadors within that segment with the highest quality accounts. Once our technology filters those people for you and your segment is created, click on view all segments. This will take you to the Members Page where you can view each segment you have ever created.

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