How to Optimize Your Campaign for Conversions & Sales


Before Your Campaign:

  • Generate a unique promo code for each Ambassador. Not only do promo codes provide customers with an incentive to purchase, but they can also track and optimize your marketing efforts over time (see “After Your Campaign” for more details on this!).

  • Incentivize your Ambassadors! Provide a bonus payout for X number of promo code redemptions. Alternatively, instead of a bonus payout, you can provide a gift card to your company in order to further push brand loyalty.

  • Send an email to those who were not accepted into the campaign with the opportunity to purchase the product/service with the promo code offer.

  • Create a post on your Platform brand page with the promo code offer.

  • Ensure the destination URL goes directly to the product the campaign is promoting. The longer customers spend time trying to find the product on your website, the less likely they are to purchase.

During Your Campaign:

  • Evaluate the incoming posts, making sure that every post’s caption contains the promo code.

  • Double-check that the promo code offer is the highest offer available on your website. If your promo code if for 15% off but you also give 15% to new customers, it’s highly unlikely that the promo code will ever be used.

After Your Campaign:

  • See which Ambassador brought in the most redemptions. Focus on these top-performers, as well as look-alike members, for your next campaign.

  • Keep in mind that making a purchase is at the bottom of the marketing funnel, meaning that customers may have to be exposed and interact with your company multiple times before they even make their first purchase. Be patient! Retargeting top performing participants will eventually lead to sales and a group of loyal customers.

  • Send a Heartbeat-specific welcome email to the new customers that redeemed a promo code and invite them to join your brand page on Heartbeat.