How to Optimize Your Campaign for Content Creation


Before Your Campaign:

  • Select Ambassadors that already have aesthetically-pleasing Instagram content.

  • Give the Ambassadors detailed instructions about what exactly you want their post to look like. Be specific about the layout, lighting, and filters you prefer.

  • Incentivize the Ambassadors to create beautiful content by offering a bonus payout to the person who produces your favorite post.

During Your Campaign:

  • Interact with the Ambassadors’ posts! Likes and friendly comments boost an Ambassador and their followers’ sentiment towards your brand.

  • Share your favorite Ambassadors’ posts on your own Social Media and invite your followers to join your brand page on Heartbeat.

  • Share your favorite Ambassadors’ posts on your Heartbeat brand page to show off the love for your brand and entice other Platform members to participate in your future campaigns.

After Your Campaign:

  • Reward those who created your favorite posts with a gift card to your store/website. They may create additional awesome content with the products they purchase using their gift card!

  • Use your favorite posts from this campaign as example posts for your next campaign.