Why Was My Campaign, Survey or Post Denied?


If you received an email from us indicating that your campaign, survey or post was denied, no need to worry! For the sake of brand safety, our system flags these for one or many of the following reasons. Our email will provide you the checklist below to walk you through how to fix the issue. Once the issue has been resolved on your end, please resubmit your item for approval. If your article is denied again, please email us at support@getheartbeat.co.


  • Unclear objective or instructions

  • Inappropriate language

  • Campaign does not meet Heartbeat guidelines

  • Incorrect hashtags

  • Inappropriate or unreasonable requests of Ambassadors

  • Requests to work with Ambassadors not within Heartbeat covered areas

  • Campaign does not indicate type: product or non-product

  • Inappropriate hashtags


  • Unclear questions or answers

  • Repeat surveys previously posted

  • Inappropriate language, content or survey type


  • Inappropriate language, image(s) or content

  • Missing promo code

  • Unclear language or directions