How to Optimize Your Campaign for Brand Loyalty & Advocacy


Before Your Campaign:

  • Provide each campaign participant with a unique promo code and an incentive to share it. For example, for every promo code redemption they get, they’ll receive a $5 gift card to your store/website.

  • Ask your Platform members “Have you ever used and loved this product/service/brand?” For strong advocacy, invite only the members that answered “Yes” to the campaign.

During Your Campaign:

  • Interact with the Ambassadors’ posts! Likes and friendly comments boost an Ambassador and their followers’ sentiment towards your brand.

  • Share your favorite Ambassadors’ posts on your own Social Media and invite your followers to join your brand page on Heartbeat.

  • Share your favorite Ambassadors’ posts on your Heartbeat brand page to show off the love for your brand and entice other Platform members to participate in your future campaigns.

  • Send an email that contains a unique promo code to the Platform members that weren’t approved for the campaign. Even though they weren’t able to participate in the campaign, they’ll appreciate the special offer and you will elevate their sentiment towards your brand.

After Your Campaign:

  • Survey the campaign participants post-campaign. Ask them questions like, “Would you recommend this brand/product to a friend?” or “Would you buy this product again?” Invite the Ambassadors who answered “Yes” to these questions to your next campaign.

  • Reward the top performing posts with a gift card to your store/website. This will further increase the positive sentiment towards your brand, making them more likely to recommend you to a friend and make future purchases. And who knows - they may even create an additional post with the products they purchased using their gift card!

  • Send the campaign participants a post-campaign promo code to keep them coming back!