How To Optimize Your Campaign for Brand Awareness

Before Your Campaign:

  • Invite a large segment to join your campaign. The more Ambassadors invited, the more eyes see and interact with your brand.

  • Select Ambassadors that have larger followings in order to ensure higher reach.

  • Instruct the Ambassadors to ask their friends and followers a question in the caption, such as, “Have you heard of this brand/product?” or “Would you try this brand/product?” Check out their followers’ answers - this is basically a focus group for your brand or product!

During Your Campaign:

  • Interact with the Ambassadors’ posts! Likes and friendly comments boost an Ambassador and their followers’ sentiment towards your brand.

  • Share your favorite Ambassadors’ posts on your own Social Media and invite your followers to join your brand page on Heartbeat.

  • Share your favorite Ambassadors’ posts on your Heartbeat brand page to show off the love for your brand and entice other Platform members to participate in your future campaigns.

  • Send an email with the campaign-specific promo code to all of your Platform members.

After Your Campaign:

  • Survey the campaign participants post-campaign. Ask them questions like, “Would you recommend this brand/product to a friend?” or “Would you buy this product again?”

  • Reward the top performing posts with a gift card to your store/website! This will further increase the positive sentiment towards your brand, making them more likely to recommend you to a friend. And who knows - they may even create an additional post with the products they purchased using their gift card!