How to Optimize Your Campaign for App Installs


Before Your Campaign:

  • Invite a large group of Ambassadors to the campaign and instruct them to download the app in the campaign application.

  • Approve Ambassadors that have interests related to the app, such as gaming or beauty.

  • Ensure the destination URL is linked directly to the app’s page on iTunes.

  • If you have access to the appropriate tracking integration, incentivize the Ambassadors by offering a payout bonus to the Ambassador that drives the most app installs.

  • Provide a promo code for the campaign participants to share that can be used in the app/game.

During Your Campaign:

  • Create a survey question asking your Community members what their favorite part about the app is.

  • Post videos of people using the app on your brand page.

  • Send an email to all of your Community members with the campaign’s in-app promo code.

After Your Campaign:

  • See which campaign participants drove the most app installs and/or had the highest engagement. Focus on these top-performers, as well as look-alike members, for your next campaign.