Working With Ambassadors Versus Influencers

Here at Heartbeat, we’re not anti-influencer. We know there is a time and a place for working with celebrities or bloggers, and you know whether influencer marketing works for your brand. But after working with hundreds of different brand clients, we’ve heard time and time again that working with influencers can be exhausting. That’s why we believe in the power of everyday people. We’re a word-of-mouth marketing company with scale, so you can run always-on high quality content campaigns without the headache.

Higher Engagement and Better Results

Did you know that our ambassadors have 6-8x the engagement of influencers? It’s true. Their engagement is naturally higher because they know their followers in real life, and their friends actually look to them for advice. Higher engagement means your campaign is working better, and with Heartbeat Pro, we actually guarantee high engagement rates. What’s better than that?

More Authentic

Our ambassadors participate in campaigns because they genuinely like the brands they are working with. We do pay our ambassadors a small amount, their “pay rate,” to make sure they complete the tasks we ask of them, but our system is designed to make sure they really care about your brand too. It’s makes them feel good to know that a brand cares about them, and they get a rush every time they get selected for a campaign!

Less Work to Manage

If you’ve ever managed an influencer marketing campaign, you know how difficult it can be. You’re going back and forth with them on pricing, products to ship to them, promo codes, links, and more. And that’s just one influencer! You have no way to verify how effective that influencer will be, so you have a “pay and pray” mentality. Your constantly working in Excel or Google Sheets to manage your influencers, and you can never keep up. With Heartbeat, pricing is standardized and you can manage everything right from your dashboard. With Heartbeat Pro, we do EVERYTHING for you, so you can sit back and relax and watch the posts roll in.

Easily Trackable Results

With influencers, you’re constantly making notes about who worked well and who didn’t, or you have no visibility whatsoever into what happened. Sometimes it just feels like you’re not sure what you just paid for. You feel like your efforts were “one-and-done,” and you have no way to know if those marketing campaigns have a lasting effect. Heartbeat’s dashboard makes tracking easy, and actually fun too!

No Egos, Agents, or Managers  

We’re not naming names, but the world of influencer marketing has gotten complicated in the past few years. Many influencers now have agents and managers, and you’re constantly having to negotiate on pricing and what they are willing to do. It feels very transactional. With Heartbeat, our pricing is pre-set and standardized, so ambassadors have already agreed to participate for that price, or for the product you’re providing. If an ambassador doesn’t want to participate, they don’t have to. We never penalize ambassadors for not participating in campaigns because we want them to only work with brands they authentically love. We take all of the negotiating out of the equation, so you’re focusing on building relationships with your customers, which makes you feel great!

Untapped Audience

Did you know that 97% of personal Instagram accounts have never been monetized? That means paid influencers only make up 3%, and most brands aren’t yet tapping into their normal, everyday people to promote their brand. Plus, working with real people makes them feel great about you, so chances are they’ll choose you over your competitors.

Consumers, Not Influencers

Our ambassadors are identified as meeting your target criteria, so they ARE the people you are marketing to. With influencers, they’ll likely never buy your products. In fact, many of them expect to continue to get products for free forever. Spend your marketing dollars with people who matter, not celebrities.


77% of millennial and GenZ consumers say they prefer ads that show real people in real situations (eMarketer). More than ever, young people want to see people who look like them, and are actively choosing brands that reflect that diversity. Working with real consumers means your brand is relatable, rather than influencers, who can post lives that seem unrealistic and unattainable.


It’s tough to run influencer campaigns with more than 100 people posting. Trust us, it’s not pretty. You’re hunched over your desk trying to navigate Excel lists and figure out who’s done what. With Heartbeat, you can run campaigns with hundreds or thousands of posts. With Heartbeat Pro, you can do campaigns as large as 30,000 posts - that’s 60 million in reach! So we can reach just about everyone on Instagram.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our Brand Partnerships team!