How to Run a Campaign from Beginning to End (Self-Serve Tool)


In October 2018, Heartbeat launched its Self-Serve Campaign Builder. We’re excited to offer our basic campaign tools to a broader set of companies and offer a platform-building tool to help your user base grow. Below are the steps to setting up and tracking your first self-serve campaign.

Set Up Your Brand Page

Before you begin a campaign, make sure your brand page is complete. This page will be the members’ first interaction with your brand; be sure to upload a logo, cover, and add some information so they know more about you.

Upload your list of users, whether it’s Mailchimp, Shopify, or just a .csv file. Uploading your list will allow you to run campaigns using people who already love and buy from your brand, while helping us identify similar Ambassadors in our network who might be great at promoting your brand.

Start the Campaign Builder

-       From your Platform dashboard, click “Add New Campaign” on the left-hand navigation.

-       Name your campaign - this is internal to you, not visible to Ambassadors.

-       Select your marketing objective. Yes, you may only select ONE! If you can achieve one goal, what would it be? Think about how you’ll evaluate the success of your campaign: Reach? Engagement rate? If you’re focusing on sales or app installs in particular, we recommend that you speak with our Brand Partnerships team so we can help tailor a campaign for that goal.

-       Select the type of post you’d prefer.

  • Basic posts are defined as user-generated content. You can get creative with what kind of content you would like to see in the Post Instructions.

  • Re-posts are when Ambassadors share pre-selected content that you’ve provided for them, such a trailer or product shots you have taken. If you’re looking to send products to Ambassadors please reach out to a member of our Brand Partnerships team, as this functionality is not currently supported with our DIY tool.


Choose your audience of Ambassadors

In the Audience section, you’ll identify what types of Ambassadors you want to participate. You may select a Group you’ve created from within your Platform (Buyers, Loyalists, Teens, Moms, etc.), or you can select based on demographics and location. We HIGHLY recommend starting with a broad location, as you’ll find better Ambassadors and thus better content overall. Think about it this way – if you offer a campaign to only people in Rhode Island, your sample size will be way smaller than if you offer it nationwide, so you’ll have fewer great Ambassadors to choose from. Localized campaigns will get easier as our team of Ambassadors grows.


Set Your Budget and Campaign Variables

In the Budget section, you can enter your budget and uses our Campaign Performance Forecast tool to see how to get the best bang for your buck.

For follower count per Ambassador, our data shows that the best follower count range for optimal performance is 500-5000 followers. Traditionally, the larger the follower count, the lower the engagement. It’s that simple. Think about it this way – if you have more than 5,000 followers, you probably don’t know them all in real life, so your recommendation means less. You trust your best friends’ opinions the most, which is why word-of-mouth marketing works.

You’ll notice that one variable may affect the other. For example, if you want top quality content, and high follower count, you’ll have fewer people posting. We recommend optimizing for high engagement, as we see this metric best correlates with achieving your marketing goals. Trust us, with fake followers and bots, users with high follower counts don’t always perform well.

In this section, you may also decide to add on Instagram Stories. This means Ambassadors will add a Story in addition to their post, increasing your engagement and reach overall. Many brands like to add Stories since they are becoming more and more popular, and can be really effective at increasing engagement!

Budget Schedule.png

Create Your Application Card/Email Design

Create a custom campaign Application card and email design. This is what the Ambassadors will see when presented with the opportunity through Heartbeat’s app and where they can click to apply for the campaign!


Create Ambassador Posting Instructions

Once an Ambassador is selected for a campaign, they will receive this Instruction card/email that will guide them through the details and posting parameters for your campaign.


Schedule and Submit Campaign For Review

For quality control, we require that all campaigns go through a quick internal approval process. Once you’ve submitted your draft campaign for approval, you’ll receive confirmation within 24 hours. If our team recommends any adjustments, we’ll let you know, so you can feel confident about what you’re sending out to Ambassadors. Feel free to reach out to with any questions at all!

Schedule & review.png

Watch Posts Go Live

Check your dashboard to see your results and watch posts go live.