How do I Run a Survey on my Platform?


Surveys are a great tool that allow our brands to collect relevant data on their Ambassadors and members before, during, or after a campaign. This data can be used to collect valuable feedback and help strategize for future campaigns.

Create Your Survey

Simply click the + sign on your dashboard at the top right hand side.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 8.27.35 AM.png

Build Your Survey

Select a background, type of questions(s), and an unique name. Then, fill out the questions and responses you’d like to include. We suggest using emojis or gifs to make your surveys more exciting!

Save and Continue

Click save and continue to submit your survey for approval. Once approved, your survey will be shared with Ambassadors and the results can be viewed in the surveys tab of your dashboard. From here, we encourage users to create segments and groups to improve the performance of future campaigns and posts.

Survey Results.png